“Yo no pinto lo que veo, pinto lo que siento.” and that was what the Form II girls wanted to discover.


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Dolores Escardó’s mum came to help us decide what to plant in our green garden.

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During the last few days of school we prepared our classes and hearts to recive Baby Jesus.

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Como  todos los años las alumnas de Form V se lucieron en su representación teatral.

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Girls in form VI reviewed photosynthesis and saw how alcohol separated chlorophyll from the leaves. 

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The Middle Ages are intriguing and fascinating! That's what form VI girls discovered while presenting their work in groups.

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This March we set off to discover why bunnies and eggs are traditionally linked to Easter.

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A fines de enero ya es un clásico esperar los resultados de los exámenes de Cambridge, Primary Checkpoint, FCE y ahora también los IGCSE. ¡Las chicas nos dieron varios motivos para festejar!

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Form VI did oral presentations about food chains.


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After studying about cavemen in History and learning about their lifestyle, tools and art, our Form III students truly enjoyed the exhibits.    

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Who knew prefixes and suffixes could be such fun? Form VI girls had a great time preparing and performing songs based on word formation.



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