Form II has been studying Edgar Degas' life and his paintings of ballerinas. That is why we invited the Ballet Dancer Stefanía Echaniz Mateu, expert on the famous painter, who came to talk about him.

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A sign language expert, Lucas, came to show and teach us the alphabet and much more.

Leer más: Form IV started a new topic: Sound.

Form IV students investigated states of matter. They focused on the three most well-known: solid, liquid and gas.

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“Yo no pinto lo que veo, pinto lo que siento.” and that was what the Form II girls wanted to discover.


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Dolores Escardó’s mum came to help us decide what to plant in our green garden.

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During the last few days of school we prepared our classes and hearts to recive Baby Jesus.

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Como  todos los años las alumnas de Form V se lucieron en su representación teatral.

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Girls in form VI reviewed photosynthesis and saw how alcohol separated chlorophyll from the leaves. 

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The Middle Ages are intriguing and fascinating! That's what form VI girls discovered while presenting their work in groups.

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This March we set off to discover why bunnies and eggs are traditionally linked to Easter.

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A fines de enero ya es un clásico esperar los resultados de los exámenes de Cambridge, Primary Checkpoint, FCE y ahora también los IGCSE. ¡Las chicas nos dieron varios motivos para festejar!

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