This year seven 3rd year students accepted the challenge to sit for FCE in June. By doing so, they could start preparing their IGCSE exams this October.

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Con un teatro lleno de familia y amigos, las chicas de 5to disfrutaron a tope el estreno de su Play.

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Los Pilares participated in the Second Annual Session of THIMUN Latin America which took place at The British Schools from 10th to 12th September.

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The Company visited us once again and along came “The Beauty And The Beast”, bringing joy to Form I and Form II.  

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Putting a play on stage requires a lot of effort. Making it a success requires even more.


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Last 23rd October at Moviecenter took place Form V's Play. It was the result of a whole year's work. Let the girls share their thoughts . . .

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Form II celebrated grandparents' day enchanting them with a poem and performing the short play "A Pindó" adapted from the story written by Susana Olaondo. Grandparents enjoyed the activity very much and went home certainly knowing what a Pindó is

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Last Thursday, 11th October, “The Company” visited Los Pilares, and presented “Aladdin And The Wonderful  Lamp”.

Form I and Form II girls attended the play and laughed and enjoyed themselves a lot, while Aladdin and Jasmine looked  for the Genie of the Lamp and flew away on their magic carpet.  Lively songs  and colourful costumes enriched  this fantastic adventure that caught the  girls’   imagination.

Important learning activity for such avid learners.

By: María José Casaretto

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This year’s Play was a remake of “Mary Poppins”.

The best nanny ever had five “adorable” children and a full-time working mother to help this time. Flower-girl slash scrivener slash chimney-sweep, Bertha, became her ally in their quest for adventure and bonding. We accompanied them all through the streets of London, a day at the countryside, a visit to Mrs. Banks office in “The City” and even rooftops.

Everyone in Primary school worked hard towards a great performance. Form V students memorised their lines, improved their pronunciation and practised all the choreographies throughout the year. The choir delighted us with songs both from the original film and more contemporary ones.

Once more we would like to thank all the teachers who made this year’s play possible in every way.

By: Mariana González

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A couple of weeks ago Forms IV and V went to the “Parque de UTE” to share two wonderful days with their friends. As the place is in the middle of the “Sierras de Minas”, the landscapes and views were outstanding. It was also very comfortable and had various facilities such as fields, a big dinning-room – in which a delicious and balanced menu was served-, and a heated pool where the girls were able to relax and play.

The main objectives for this activity were to make new friends, reinforce their friendship and, of course, have fun all together! For this purpose girls talked and expressed their feelings about the topic and the most important characteristics of being a good friend were highlighted. Moreover we played many cooperative games where the work of the whole group was needed to win.

The final reflexion of the “camp” was very positive: the girls learnt new things and became better friends, they behaved properly and showed good manners at all times, and, last but not least, we spent a GREAT TIME TOGETHER!!!

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