Valentina Quagliotti, ex Pilares and student at the University of Montevideo, was invited one week to work as a tutoree in Global Atlanta, the only news source devoted to covering international business news in Atlanta, USA. Phil Bolton, the editor, contacted her last Febraury. She spent a week working as a professional journalist and, thus, had to attend various events, interview different people, take photographs and write articles which were then published.

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300 Candidates Attend Latin American Association Career Expo

Mexican American Chamber Offers Legal Help


Forms I and II sang `Nursery Rhymes´, some of which have been sung in England since the Middle Ages. They also delighted parents with the enactment of these chants. Every family received the lyrics and different crafts the girls had prepared  for each song. Dad took home a bookmarker and mom some tea.

Form III´s class was about Ancient Egypt, one of the greatest civilizations of the past. Different students welcomed parents and explained where Egypt was situated, the importance of the River Nile and how many of their buildings and architectural designs are still standing today. They also enlightened us on the pharaohs, scribes and architects, as well as their famous pyramids.

As a good portion of the Old Testament takes place in and around Egypt they finally presented a play about baby Moses.

Leer más: This year´s Open Classes were all about History

It is said that “the first time that a baby laughs a fairy’s life takes flight ” and so Tinker Bell finds her way to Pixie Hollow, the place where all fairies live. After a warm welcome she discovers she belongs with the Tinker fairies, who work all day and don’t get to go to the mainland. She is bitterly disappointed. “There’s got to be more in my life than pots and kettles”, she complains.

Luckily, her good friends the Nature fairies are willing to help her try to become one of them instead. Join them in their search for Tinker Bell´s true talent. But beware of the Sprinting Thistles!!!

Congratulations Form V you were all marvellous! Congratulations choir!

We thank all the families of From V and choir for their effort, support and dedication.

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May is internationally regarded as the month of Reading and at school we deviced several activities to promote it among our students.

As Emilie Buchwald once said "Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.”, so we invited students and parents to buy books at our Book Fair 2012, which took place on 9th and 10th May. When choosing a book to read, its cover and overall state greatly influence us towards it, that is why Scholastic and Educandos brought lots of attractive, affordable books and our students had a blast. Starting on the 2nd May teachers and students had set up Wish Lists for the different classrooms and soon we realized we had far exceeded them.

On Friday 11th every student took home a bookmark inviting their parents to read together over the weekend.

On the week of the 14th we are holding a Book Sharing Week, which will give students the chance to share their new books with their classmates. And we will also be receiving relatives who are going to read to our students either in English or in Spanish.

Everyone will hopefully join us in a Readathlon from Monday 21st till Friday 25th May. Our goal is to have somebody reading from 8:30 am till 8:30 pm for five days. Teachers, students, staff and parents are invited to enroll and help us reach our Reading Goal.

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