Once again this year we had home schooling. Once again we had Meet lessons. Once again we had Meet Art.



And some of the girls' masterpieces were exhibited in the Great Hall during August.

Form III explored lettering and discovered the World of Pisanki while decorating Easter Eggs.

Form IV practised pointillism by carefully painting dots of colours and prepared Pop Art pictures by incorporating common place objects into their work.

The Form V girls tried hard with Portraits and studied how appearance of natural objects can change over a period of time.

Form VI presented "The Stillness of Hands. The Motion of Dancers". They "froze" their own hands to try to copy every detail. And motion came together with an inspiring Meet interview to Mexican Artist Karina Llergo. From her studio in Chicago, USA, she told the girls about her Art. The girls enjoyed trying to draw their own dancers using brushes and watercolours.


Back to school, the new Atelier weekly receives the young artists and witnesses how inspiration plays with creativity.