On March we launched our atelier, where students from Forms III to V will have Art and those in Form VI, Art and Design Thinking. 



These 60 minutes sessiones aim at encouraging students to develop both their crativity and capacity to reflect. 


The syllabus is inspired in Cambridge Primary Checkpoint`s Art and Design curriculum, as well as Stanford University`s studies on Design Thinking. 


The emphasis is made on students being able to be true to themselves, to work and explore withour being afraid of making mistakes and on learning that mankind´s greatest creations and works of arte were the result of error. 


We also try to enable students to use different types of materials: items form nature, "lost" objects, paper, cloth, clay, paint, watercolours, chalk and many more. 


Each student has received a sketchbook, a "visual journal", as we will call it, an open and comfortable place where students will be able to explore differents combinations of verbal and visual elements. 


We believe our future artists will have a lot of fun using them and will be able to come up with great ideas.