Form VI did oral presentations about food chains.


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After studying about cavemen in History and learning about their lifestyle, tools and art, our Form III students truly enjoyed the exhibits.    

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Who knew prefixes and suffixes could be such fun? Form VI girls had a great time preparing and performing songs based on word formation.



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In April, form VI girls learnt about art in the Middle Ages by researching features of gothic architecture.

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Form VI students began the year working really hard. They were organized in groups and given one of the many systems in the human body. They did research on the topic, selected information, studied it in detail and used their creativity to design a variety of games and billboards.

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Una vez más las chicas de Form V y el coro nos dejaron sin palabras... y la participación especial de los Care Bears provocó una ovación en la sala del Movie, donde el miércoles y sábado pasados pusimos en escena Joy Story. Las fotos y el video del backstage reflejan la fiesta que se vivió!

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This year seven 3rd year students accepted the challenge to sit for FCE in June. By doing so, they could start preparing their IGCSE exams this October.

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Con un teatro lleno de familia y amigos, las chicas de 5to disfrutaron a tope el estreno de su Play.

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Los Pilares participated in the Second Annual Session of THIMUN Latin America which took place at The British Schools from 10th to 12th September.

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The Company visited us once again and along came “The Beauty And The Beast”, bringing joy to Form I and Form II.  

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Putting a play on stage requires a lot of effort. Making it a success requires even more.


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